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A book that helps you unravel one of life's great challenges: who you are and what really matters. Then it guides you to use those answers to better lead others.


The Inside-Out Effect is a book about personal transformation and authentic leadership development. It reveals powerful lessons on leadership and achieving your full potential as taught at Stanford University's Graduate and Executive Education Program. It draws upon cutting-edge neuroscience and the latest research from behavioral psychology and organizational development to create a comprehensive guide for leaders at any level to reinvigorate their lives and the lives of those they affect by pursuing inner-outer alignment. Whereas many books in the leadership development space focus on a series of "quick-fix" techniques or on emulating famous faces, this book begins and ends with understanding and cultivating yourself. When you begin to live and lead in alignment with what matters most, you embark on a powerful journey toward fulfillment and reaching your full potential. You are happier and you perform better.

Truly living inside-out can be a challenging journey. As the former CEO of Medtronic Bill George acknowledges, "Becoming an authentic leader is not easy. First you have to understand yourself, because the hardest person you'll ever have to lead is yourself." Once you get past that though, the doors open up. He continues, "Once you have an understanding of your authentic self, you will find that leading others is much easier." Phrased another way: once you find and begin living your personal why?, the what? and how? of your leadership are much easier. That's what this book is all about. 






Dr. Behnam Tabrizi

Michael Terrell


Stanford, CA

About the Authors

Dr. Behnam Tabrizi

Behnam is a leading global business consultant, bestselling author, award-winning teacher, and a respected scholar. As an advisor to many Fortune 500 companies, he has worked with CEOs and senior executives in leading change and achieving breakthrough results. 

He has advised thousands of leaders in over 20 industries on their organizational transformations, including IBM, GE, Aramark, Ciba Geigy, Hewlett Packard, Gap, Intel, LexisNexis, Honeywell, Genentech, Oracle, Starbucks, Applied Material, Gymboree, Cisco, Li & Fung, Haier, China Mobile, and Li Ning. He has also served as a senior advisor to the U.S. President’s transition team, and the President’s health and technology initiatives. 

Dr. Tabrizi is the author of four books on corporate transformation – the latest one, Rapid Transformation: A 90-day Plan for Fast and Effective Change, was dubbed by Harvard Business Press as their “most popular” book and has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Polish. 

Tabrizi serves as a Consulting Professor in the Management Science and Engineering department at Stanford University where he received the Tau Beta Pi award, among over 200 Faculty members, and the Teacher of the year award in his department. He is a favorite among executive educators, has held positions at the Stanford Graduate School of Business as well as Harvard Business School, and has served as the Director of the Stanford mini-MBA executive program. 

Tabrizi received B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Kansas, M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana, and a PhD in Strategy, Organizations, and Technology Management from Stanford University.


Michael Terrell

Michael is an author, speaker, and coach who helps leaders solve performance and communication challenges for themselves and their teams. His background includes research on happiness, fulfillment, and their neurobiological effects on personal and professional performance. This research, coupled with background in organization theory, social psychology, negotiation, and improvisational theatre, have formed the foundation of Michael’s executive coaching practice where he has had the good fortune to work with startup founders, non-profit leaders, and students alike.

Michael has received his degree in Management Science & Engineering and was a Mayfield Fellow at Stanford University—a place where he now happily serves as a group facilitator for one of the Graduate School of Business’s most popular courses, Interpersonal Dynamics


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